Spring break

It means family time. It means camp for the big kids. Sometimes it even means work. 


Heavy duty work

Spring is approaching!

Oklahoma is funny in that spring and winter play tag for a month or two before Spring actually moves in permanently. This year has been pretty extreme, and the ice freezing over and over has taken out our sidewalk. We're having to bust it up some more, and my plan is to build a pathway from the street to our front steps. Can you say money?

I'll try to upload some pictures later!


What a long week!

Everyone seemed to have a tough week, lots of physical activity going on, and some emotional upheaval as well.

Pipe work in the back yard (kids loved the diggers)

Planting spring onions and garlic

A break for ice cream

Selling nearly $1000 in girl scout cookies

Library time with all the kids

Little bit of plumbing, little bit of electrical with my friend's house

Rachel's birthday, she's turning 14

Nathan turned to the dark side, my little bandito has been busy

watching an extra kiddo

Talia practicing compassion

and some artwork too!


Touring Sprouts!

Sam was in charge of pictures!

Not amused lol


NAHE Skate Party

It's funny, Talia is so shy and anxious, but put some skates on her, and she's gone!

She spent more take skating than not...

Nathan did NOT approve of how hard it was to skate.
He tried his best though! 


We is Them!

Question of the month: Are the Grays still alive??

The last two years? Crazy.
Me? Certifiably crazy.

I have been shocked at myself...barely hanging in there. However, I asked my doc for help, and she recognized that my lifelong anxiety had finally reached a point that I needed help. I've always been so anti medication, until Breanna reached a point that she could not live in society without help. And once that happened, I slowly came to realize that my issues have messed up our family enough. And I gladly pay the price to raise my kids within normal realms.

It's funny to look back over nearly forty years of life and realize that so many things that made me abnormal, really are normal for someone with aspergers. It's nice to have the validation from a professional, and meds to help. I'm trying to figure out who I am, I've never NOT had anxiety and depression as part of my life. Now I can see them, and address them, and fight the dragons, i guess.