Did you know...it was Autism Pride day?

I didn't, until about fifteen minutes ago. It was then that my 13 year old approached me and said proudly "Today is autism pride day! Did you know?" Having several kids on the spectrum, I'm somewhat disappointed in myself lol! 

Back to Josh. He has always been proud of his diagnosis, and he's one of the guys who says "I'm autistic," not "I have autism". He resents that autism is presented as a disease, after all, it's not contagious, has no mechanism for transfer between people. He also told me years ago that if Zane and I died, that he would gladly take care of Breanna, because "No one else will understand her like I do." 

His brain does work differently, as does Breanna's, but they are both such gifts to the planet. I think the first aspect of that gift is that people need to stop looking at what's wrong, and see what's right.