NEW pet...warning...feeding picture included

So we got a new pet, a three foot ball python, from a family that was just about done
with the excitement and joy of snakes. I like snakes. They like mammals. Weird.
Here she is, looking at the He Man movie Dan left for her to look at. 
No name yet, we agreed we wanted a new name, just have
not decided on one. It's hard with so many
invested people choosing.
So, her first feeding with us was on Friday, never seen it up close,
none of the kids freaked out. I'm kicking myself for the
FIVE mice we caught and released last month.
That's $13 worth of mouse. sigh.
Name suggestions so far
Josh: Fluffy or Spot
Breanna: Snake
Emily: Monty (get it?)
Rachel: Orma (orm for snake, a to feminize)
Sam: Mr Slithers
Dan and Ava really don't know. 

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game_boy said...

Emily was spot, I was monty.