1000 gifts journal

I started a list, of all the gifts for which I can give utmost thanks. Amazingly, or perhaps not so much, how much it helps the day go to start with one or two things that you are thankful for, and end the day with a few more. WIth the windows open, it's rather chilly in the house at night. But I give thanks for each of my snuggle bugs on each side of me, drowsy and giggly as we await the sunrise. I give thanks for a teen who says "I'd rather you wait for me to move that for you mom", as he moves my sewing desk up two flights of stairs.

and today, I am most thankful for the friends I have. Knowing that my keys have been missing for five days now, my good friend Laura came over this morning to help look for them AND she brought me chocolate.

My new sewing corner, thanks to Joshua!


Sharon said...

Wow, what a great son, and a great friend! You are truly blessed!

Alex Polikowsky said...

I love the wall color!!!