Here all alone...

Dh took the kids to visit family while I am supposed to lie (lay?) here and recover. Let me tell you...as much as I think I need a break (and I do) boredom sets in pretty quickly. I've enjoyed it (I rush to insert) but it's oddly quiet and clean around here. I woke up early yesterday, and was downstairs cleaning a mostly clean kitchen. Changed out laundry loads. Checked everyone's bedrooms, just to make sure they were still there, I guess. Washed some walls. Sewed some stuffed animals for the pregnant teen bags. Thought about casting on some stitches to start over the scarf Ava unraveled. Watched some movies. Okay, watched a LOT of movies....and I still have the rest of Friday and most of Saturday to myself.

What I enjoyed most was going to the library alone. The custodian (who is a great friend and helper to us, he once sanitized and vacuumed the entire kids section after some derfwad let their child smash cheezits everywhere) laughed and said I still looked twitchy, constantly scanning for seven kids who weren't there. Force of habit. I was able to look for adult books. Not the XXX kind of course, just the kind that aren't stored in the kids section and have more than 200 pages. And a plot. I was able to sit and read the newspaper (not the Daily Disappointment, but a real paper, from out of state, that I would never pay for).

I was able to stop and get a drink (not the alcoholic kind, just a little something sweet that I've been avoiding while pregnant) without having to decide if we could budget for extra drinks for kids, and if I should wait for Sonic's happy hour, or if there isn't enough cash in my purse, who should share which carbonated death bombs.

I went to the maternity store to sift through the sales racks. My goal is really to find some solid color t-shirt material shirts that aren't tight enough to show veins or belly button. I don't wear that when I'm NOT pregnant, why on earth would I wear it now?
But in honor of feeling the first kicks late Wednesday night, I did buy a cute green babydoll shirt with 3/4 sleeves. It's muy comfortable and I was able to put TWO pg pillows underneath (and trust me, I'll look bigger than that by February)

Had potato soup, raw carrots and a burger patty for dinner last night, ate it in bed. Really shocking since the rule normally is no food outside of the dining room. ESP since we again have mice. Had a late night snack of wheat crackers and swiss cheese in bed (teehee, I'm so bad) So, onward and upward

Books from the library
Star Wars, Attack of the Clones (to compare to the movie, but then realized it's the movie version)
Forest Magic, by Robin Hobb (I really did enjoy her Farseer trilogy and the Liveship trilogy)
Ben Hur (with an intro from LaHaye, but hey, i want to see how close the movie is)
What the Gospels Meant (pretty much what it says)
Into the Minds of Babes (how TV affects children)
Star Wars (just to see what they're like, there's nearly a hundred on the shelves, so they must be popular)
Dark Places (murder mystery, so far not impressed)
Circle of Stones (historical saga, we'll see)
and one romantic novel (yes yes, I'm ashamed but it IS Johanna Lindsey, who usually has a good plot and well-developed characters...Not that kind of well-developed, your mind. Honestly)

Movies I've already watched since Wednesday (mostly while sewing)
Star Trek, I thru VI
Fifth Element
Real Genius
Clash of the Titans
Jason and the Argonauts
Princess Bride
Little Women (not the original though, sigh)
Plan on finishing the Star Trek movies. I bought those for dh years ago, and the last three (ha, the 'next generation' movies) haven't even been opened.


Blessed Wife and Mom said...

Man, all alone!!! I can't imagine how quiet your house must seem to you (I know we are already missing the sounds of your kid's voices on Skype!!!) I hope you enjoy your mucho needed rest. If you need anything (or any company) just give me a call!!!

Phoebe Gleeson said...



I'm never alone, like, I've never been alone in my life. Wait, I think I lived alone for two weeks in 1998.


Melly K said...

Hey, I have almost every single SW book in print if you're interested in reading some of them. Seriously, that's all I did in highschool, collect and read SW books. of course, Mark just put them in a box in the bottom of Logan's closet.....so he might make ME get them out :D. I don't have any prequels, just the ones based off the original three.