Red Earth Museum

A little appreciated part of the science museum is the Red Earth. Part art museum, part hands on education, it's a great addition to the activities of the Omniplex. The girls LOVE the collection of baby carriers. This is the first time they've really remarked on how intricate the beading is...I'm so happy. I've always been amazed by that much work.
Dan LOVES the decorated bison that have been on display throughout the city, but the one at the museum is one of his favorites. 
Josh likes the totem pole, bigger is better??
And one shot that is NOT the museum, but my fav from the planetarium. They all sat through the entire exhibit, which amazed me with Bre and Ava. Dan did start, about TWO minutes before the end of the half hour show, "When can we GO?" Gosh, guy TWO MINUTES...please keep it down. 

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