Snake days

She's become a center piece pretty quickly. i guess in a family where mammals are not acceptable pets (between allergies and Breanna's pretty stark fears of anything bigger than a chicken), they're happy to have any sort of pet. LOL

We've been calling her Orma. Orm is Swedish for snake, and the 'a' is to make it a little more feminine. We fed her the first wild mouse this week, and it is a totally different experience than feeding her the little white mice from the store. They practically beg to be eaten, wild mice know better.

Bre won't hold the snake, but she wants to be in charge of the snake. So, floor time. 
Dan loves to pretend the snake has him trapped. He'll wrap her around his arm and stick his other hand through OR wrap her around his neck. Goober.


Anonymous said...

Wow .. you got a snake. Breanna looks like she is doing well with her. Love these pics and all of your blogs.
Love yas ~
Cousin Jamie

Alex Polikowsky said...

Loved you new pet!