Have I mentioned how much we love the Apple store?

Great news is that our girl scout leader does as well!

We had a field trip to the Apple Store! It was so amazing, the people are cool, smart, and patient, and even the siblings got to tag along. Josh got his own nerd....eh, specialist to talk to!
For a field trip, you get an hour's worth of time, learn how the store operates, basic info about computers, time to ask questions about Apple computers in specific, a really COOL t-shirt that the kids love and the grown-ups covet...

Da girls, in their cute lil uniforms!
Working on a flyer about their field trip, after playing around with photobooth.
It was so hilarious, the specialist who was leading the group asked who knew what photobooth was, and most of the girls raised their hand excitedly..."ME! ME!"
You'll note that Emily has not one patch on her vest still, after being a scout for five months. That's come back to bite me in the hiney...I have nine patches to sew on her vest, and Friday should have eight more that she has earned. After last night's Court of Honor for Josh, another eight of his to sew on. He was invested as an assistant Patrol Leader, and earned five or six merit badges (to add to the four he already had from LAST year that I have yet to sew on) He *could* do it himself bwahahha! 

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