I ~heart~ Apple

So I drop my computer off at 2pm yesterday at the mall, sad. Turns out dh bought my computer WAY ahead of Christmas, so the warranty was expired. :-( Good news is that Apple loves their peeps, and they offered to code me as a CS (customer satisfaction person)! Yay me! The Genius at the Bar (yep, that's what they are called, for you sad PC people) said they definitely could fix the cracked case at the bottom (and told me what caused it, which the last guy didn't do) but was honestly amazed at the split crystal screen that Ava caused some months back (oh darn, did I just name the unnamed daughter?) lol Couldn't fix that one at all. Sadder me. I was really okay because I figured that would be outrageously expensive and it's a good reminder NOT to trust a two year old with a laptop of any sort.

Anyway at 4pm YESTERDAY, I get a phone call from yet another Genius, who states that my computer is finished. ~raises eyebrow~ "Are you sure you have the right Melissa?" Yep, he assures me....they are finished, and joy of joys, not only did they replace the bottom case, but they WERE able to replace the screen as well. Yay me again!!

So I picked it up today after my dentist appointment (as my friend Heather says, we always have a dentist appointment) and the guy asks if I want to know how much it would have cost if I had to pay for it. I say quite seriously "No thanks." He and his friends have a good laugh, and I say, "Um, no seriously." However, I did get an email receipt, and I could kiss the toes of Jacob the Genius who coded me the CS. As Phoebe said, one could buy two Dells for the cost of repair for this lil thing, but then I was thinking, who'd want them?

Tomorrow (ten minutes!) Apple should be releasing some FAB NEWS about a new mac line, that will decrease costs substantially. We all hope. I'm looking forward to it, regardless of the release, just to see what coolness they have this time.

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hahamommy said...

ONE more reason we gotta get our hands on one of those new *affordable* Apples :D We've been in the market for a laptop for about 8 months and nothing has yet manifested.... except the impending announcement of Apple :D I shall be calling you for tutelage ;)