Making Stuff

Sam needed to make something 'useful' for a cub scout requirement.
Honest, I meant for it (as a leader) to be done in the meeting, but i have this really bad habit of underestimating the amount of time fourteen seven year olds need to complete projects. Especially those who are like Sam. LOL
So he finished his at home, where I could conveniently immortalize his work on my blog.
He was so tired, but wanted to finish his recipe card holder. 
He's saving it for the state fair competition next year, so we're not allowed to use it.
Everyone else got in on the business, Ava painted this nice...piece of wood. 
Rachel got serious, and sanded for a while before making a cute little Halloween sign.
Dan wanted to nail. Lots of nails.
So now we have a fun OSU key holder
This is Emily's wood. I had to take a picture of the gouge that was in it before she started.
The wood we used was all scrap from projects around the house, and this piece was big enough but really rough.
She sanded by hand for over an hour, and got it completely smooth.
I have no idea where the wood is now, she hid it so no one would
"mess it up" before she could finish her surprise project. Hmmm.

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Alex Polikowsky said...

How cool! I wished you where my son's cub scout leader!