Pumpkin carvings!

I usually get pictures of them cleaning and carving, but it did NOT happen this year. 
Le sigh. But they turned out pretty good. Dan did not carve his own but he did draw it himself!
The front is well done I think!
Avari's pumpkin...she has full lips, does she not?
Bre went with the minimalist approach.
Circles are complete, I hear.
Rachel's is cheerful and jolly...
Josh's scarecrow...with a jack-o-lantern head
Emily's big jack-o
The night scene is better sans flash, but then you can only see
eerie flickering jack-o-lanterns lol
EXCEPT....for the massacre 
We are over RUN with squirrels. 
Everyone likes squirrels.
Because they are morons and think they are cute harmless lil critters
Until they eat out of your veggie garden ALL FREAKIN YEAR
And then destroy every pumpkin you grow
then destroy every pumpkin you BUY
So, we have two jacks left over from the kids
and my sad lil one that hasn't been carved yet.

They are RATS with fuzzy tails. That's it.
Thank goodness I took pictures last night, because they feasted today.

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