Date night with Emily

Didn't get pictures, but I have to say that date night with dh is great. It's fun too to take a kid along, they don't get much time one-on-one while I'm under the weather. In my normal times, I usually take one out during the weeknights to spend some time alone. But with the arthritis and heart problems and now the pregnancy, by the time Zane gets home, I'm ready to collapse. And sleep. Twelve hours usually.

Anyway, that's not here nor there, but I did want to share our date night, because we had so much fun. We hit a new Chinese buffet, and Emily and I were determined to be BRAVE. We both have sensory issues, so imagine us...

Trying fried frog legs
Trying sauted squid
Trying steamed octopus
Trying four different kinds of sushi
Trying shark

The veggies were all familiar, so we loaded up on those, thank goodness for the salad bar! We're just comfortable with what we like...and rice and veggies and a little sesame chicken is good for us. :-)

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