National Blog Post Month and running at the mouth

Has come to an end. I did pretty good, until yesterday. Mostly after grocery shopping I was too swiped to get online (gasp!) and create a blog entry. I think it's okay, there were several days when I posted more than once...does that count toward an average?

I thought not.

Spent last night printing out girl scout pictures so I could make scrapbooks for the girls for Christmas. I want to get them started, and then hand them over and let the girls work on them the rest of their scouting lives. But then part of me thinks it would be cool to just hand over the pictures and parts and let them make what they will. Fun!! I know such creative girls! I've almost finished Zane's scrapbook with all his pictures we got when his dad died. I'm frustrated because I'm so type A and I like to have everything in chronological order, and I have some 1971 pictures before the 1969 pictures. But they are WAY cool. I guess if I'd try the online scrapbooking, that everyone keeps telling me about, it would be easier to fix bwahahaah...but I'm stubborn and I'll be the last person on the planet to try it out.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, and I'm running late for church. Imagine! ;-) We're always late...but I'm sad because it's the first year we didn't get our tree done the night before Advent starts, we don't have an Advent wreath (because Mardels is only selling these crappy brass holders with tacky gold painted leaves glued on, wth?) So after church we'll be finishing the tree and I think we'll make our own wreath this year. Figures the one year I have money to buy a nice carved one like my parents is the one year no one has nice ones.


hahamommy said...

Mitch died the first Sunday of Advent... the priest and I joked that he waited for the church to be decorated so he wouldn't have to have service in our "plain" sanctuary :D Our tree is going up today, per tradition.

Melissa said...

Teehee... we did get our tree finished, and Emily made a wreath of sorts.

The priest was joking today about our Advent decorations...we don't use purple, but blue...because we're expecting a boy ;-)