Ring Sling Giveaway

Yes...I love the brown sling. I like the other ones, cutie embroidery gets me every time...but brown goes with my monkey onesies that I'm really attached to right now. :-)

One of my online acquaintances from MDC (and I think I actually ran across her through Phoebe's blog some time ago is having a ring sling giveaway. SOOO because I think her slings are way cool, and her blog is an even better advocacy of natural childbirth and living, I want to make sure you flip over and check her out....if I don't win, I'll probably wind up sewing my own (if I can find the energy and time) or buy something or another. 

I definitely believe in the power of baby wearing, there was a big difference with the sling. I used a OTSBH with Josh and it was a miserable experience. Used the Bjorn with Breanna, totally inconvenient for breastfeeding...and Emily wouldn't tolerate either of them. I didn't even try with Rachel. Thank goodness for my maya wrap with Sam, he was toted all over Norman in it, from all of Bre's therapy appointments (three or four times a week) to school every single day of the week where I earned the named 'stalker mom' because I was there so much. Hello?! Flesh and blood. My kids. One of whom had very intense and special needs. 

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