2008 Christmas Parade

The best thing about Christmas parades in Oklahoma is that the weather is nearly always nice! It was a bit cold, but nothing too bad. *I* was in the parade with the scouts, a first time ever, so Zane took some pictures for us. Mostly of other people...but hey. I have a friend who took pics and she's supposed to send them. I didn't plan on walking the full mile, esp with in my condition! Maybe there will be one of ME or MY KIDS. :-/
Breanna was excited/overwhelmed. Zane was lucky to find parking right next to a good spot across from the judges, so she could retreat at will. GOOD PLANNING!
No parade is complete without a marching band, to be honest I don't know which high school this is. It looks like Norman North (with the green) but I don't know Noble's colors and he says that they were there as well.
Yay, our ceremony team was AMAZING...esp considering the wind gusts. 
Behind the white banner, you can see the cub scout belt banner, with our 'belt loops'. The theme was Go for the Gold, so we had gold and silver belt loops, which is what the boys earn as they learn about activities in scouting. 
And our float...banner reads Going for the Gold with troop 777. The tree has gold medals and gold fleur de lis covering it. The boys could choose to dress in their class A's, or in a sports uniforms. We had lots of guys in Karate or gym uniforms, two hockey players, football, etc. Everyone had a gold medal, because hey, you can't lose!
I came home and took a nap of FOUR HOURS. I was so swiped. Then had to get up to meet with our coordinator to do the last of the paperwork for the pilot program that our family had been in. It was nice while it lasted...Josh got a lot of assistance. We found some worthwhile programs and some that weren't so helpful, and we're determined to keep working on the useful ones. 

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