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award stolen liberated from another  blog, from someone I don't even know. 
Thanks! It was just what I needed today
Today we spent about three hours sorting toys and making scarfs for the annual Norman Christmas Dinner (Because no one should eat alone!) and we celebrated by going to CiCi's pizza. I must say, they are AWESOME if you have food allergies, because they take it very seriously. I ordered a wheat-free pizza (which the manager always makes for us, using a separate part of the kitchen and thoroughly washing his hands) and a cheese-free pizza, which I mentioned last time that we had a reaction to, so he made that one too...ensuring that he again washed his hands and got a clean pan and clean cutter (aha!) from the back to cut the pizza. We know that it's safe for Bre (woohoo!) so we had fun and ate lots.

So tonight was a christmas dinner/party sort of deal, through the autism society. We went last year and I did a GREAT job (if I say so myself) of calling ahead, verifying the food, checking for ingredients and bringing alternatives. It almost occurred to me, but I thought to myself, "Self, surely you can just pick through it and find SOMETHING wheat-free for Dan, milk-free for Ava and corn-free for Bre! You are smart, and gosh darn-it, people like you."

Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out that way. They had granola bars to feed the kids while they were playing, which had milk, corn AND wheat. The 'juice boxes' were not even...they were milk-free, I guess that's one thing, but with artificial flavors and corn syrup (and no juice), a no-no for the other two. We lucked out in that the hot dogs were wheat-free (what were the odds?), and the chips were plain Lays. They offered the 'adult' meal to Breanna. Boxed scalloped potatoes (nope). Bread rolls (nope). Sausages (nope). Brisket (would have been a go but it was coated in 'season salt' and bbq sauce) So Bre. Had. Nothing. A glass of water for dinner. :-( Even the dessert was assorted cobblers with fake whipped cream on top, so those three didn't get those either. The cooks were honestly shocked that everything had corn. "Even the chips???" yep, even those. 

The ultimate? The Christmas gifts were play-dough. Which neither of Bre nor Dan can play with. Ava got some though ;-)

Meh. She was VERY patient. She played with some toys. I drank water with her. Dh asked her if she wanted to go now or if we could let the other kids eat. We did make it up to her by doing drive-through.

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Sylvia said...

nothing but water for dinner? Andy would have been in a complete meltdown (heck, I'd have melted down!). Sounds like Bre did really well.

I'd give the 'bad' award to folks who planned a synthetic meal for kids who very likely all have some kind of food issues.