More holiday crafts...

Because everyone loves a kissmoose....
A moose with a footprint for a face, and hands for antlers, what's not to love?
Sam's moose even has two gingerbread tattoos lol!
Emily and Dan decided, no moose for them
And Rachel didn't even go with a typical banner, but made a huge stocking.
No moose. 

We just used leftover fabric and supplies from our overabundant crafty stuff.
Google eyes and pompom noses really seal the deal, don't you think?


Heather said...

They all look great. I love the tattooed moose! And Rachel's really affirming that her wish list is fulfilled, right?!

Blessed Wife and Mom said...

How fun!!! Can I come craft at your house? They look great, I wish I was there to hear them--- I love hearing the creativity flow through children!!!

We miss you guys!!!