St Nicholas Tag!

After Avari's birthday, we had a St Nick's dinner
The girls got new Hannah dresses, which they wore to church.
Boys got flannel dress shirts, which Dan wore with his 'spy tie' (a bow tie I happened to find at Target! Club Penguin is our friend!)
At church, we were surprised by a 'bishop' named St Nick, and the kids gathered around him at the front to hear the story of who Saint Nicholas really was...I wish I'd had my camera, Ava's face was so full of glorious rapture. He did look rather fancy in his gold and cream vestments and miter. He had a shepherd's crook, and told the story of the first candy cane. Fun fun fun!


littleoldladyinashoe said...

Now is the one in pink yours also?
The one on the far right (excuse me for not recalling names) looks like Ava's big twin!

Melissa said...

One in the pink is NOT mine, at least not full time. She's one of those kids I'd gladly keep forever, one of the girls BFF.

Heather said...

Love those dresses!