Why people use iron-on patches...

In an attempt to be frugal and live the three-R lifestyle, *I* decided that we could use a pair of dh's totally wasted jeans to patch various and assorted jeans for the kids (and yes, the BIG pile underneath these overalls are the jeans I've patched in the last 24 hours) Four pairs of Josh jeans, two of Emily/Rachel jeans, one of Breanna's and Dan's favorite overalls later, I know now why people buy iron-ons. One, it is nearly impossible to sew up and down on a pair of small jeans. I managed with Josh's, but with everyone else, I sewed side-to-side with the machine and handstitched. Son of a gun...that's not good for arthritic hands. However, it is done. 

And they turned out pretty good. The younger kids, I wasn't so particular about, but I know the older kids want to look cool, so we did patches on the inside and clashing thread and it actually looks like something you'd buy at the mall (if you were that type of person) Me, personally, we get enough holes without buying jeans that have that temptation already added. One pair of Josh's I did give over on, they had smaller holes up top, and yes, they looked like something straight out of A&C. So he has lots of pairs for around the house and town, and I bought two new pairs without any holes or fading, that he has said he'll wear to for me when we go special places. 

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