Happy New Year!

It's the year of the OX! The Ox is a symbol of wealth and success through hard work and resilience, and the girls love that our newest baby is a different year than any other kid!

We observe Chinese New year just about every year, there's something cool about it (Dan says, "Chinese is just about the best!" as he claps his hands and draws another lantern) Our first year of homeschooling, we made a giant paper mache dragon. This year the kids are making joss paper...I have no idea where they got knowledge of this, but last year we did buy some from the market on 89th street. This year we planned on burning some for our lost babies, and parents, but Dan was worried because he didn't know what it said so he's making his own with pictures of his grandpa. Rachel is planning a big supper with sesame chicken, rice, fortune cookies, almond cookies, spring rolls and sticky rice cake (notice the proliferation of sweets? LOL)

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