How could I forget the cookies?

Our first ever authentic American Fortune Cookies...to celebrate Chinese New year!

Emily made the batter...
Rachel made the fortunes...
with such winners as 
"you are facing the worst luck of your life, seek the bottoms of your soul"
I'm so glad I didn't get that one.
but that's how she shines!
Cook flat, most of the way...
Fold in half, then around a spoon...
and let cool in a muffin pan, because the cookie will spring back out if not.
They were really good, but difficult to make. 
I think we are appreciating the industrial revolution...oh so much more than we did before.
Hooray for storebought cookies, although these ARE wheat-free.


Shele said...

The "wheat free" fortune cookies look really good, could you please post the recipe.


Melissa said...

The recipe is essentially the same as the one here

Only we replaced the flour with our flour mix recipe. This is two cups of white rice flour, 2/3 cups potato starch and 1/3 cup tapioca flour. Some people prefer brown rice flour, but for cookies and cakes, the white is sweeter.