Getting ready for baby!

"eeek!" says Emily!
Our new-to-us crib has a drawer underneath, so handy!
Especially since we cosleep and the crib is little more than a changing table.
You can see the blanket that Emily is going to bind for him
On each side are our two slings, one is a maya wrap.
The other is a two-sling wrap I made myself, it goes over each shoulder and 
criss-crosses in the front.
Our old style receiving blankets, one from each previous child.
Kind of a tradition.
Our homebirth center, on the left is cloth diapers.
On the right is the birthing bin, with old towels, blue pads, oils and antiseptics and etc
spread out on the shelves as well.
Teeny tiny socks...aw!


Heather said...

Oh, I'm sooo excited for you guys! I can't wait!

Sylvia said...

Him? Did I miss an announcement or was this it?

Back when you asked folks to guess, I guessed boy. Does this mean I was right?!

Melissa said...

Duh, prego brain, Sylvia. You WERE right, we're expecting a boy. He'll be here around....oh, March 15th I'm guessing. My due date is March 7th...anyone else want to take a guess?