"how can you afford so many children?"

I know lots of people who tell me how poor they are. Kim C has something to say about modern day American poverty....read it and weep. I don't want to live like those in third world countries, I like my non necessities as much as the next person, i'm just tired of people telling me how they don't have enough. 

I'm sorry, your running water is a right, but the dishwasher is a privilege. Politically, we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, nothing is guaranteed on a silver platter. No where in the bible does it say "Blessed are the couchless, for they shall inherit furniture" I'm no puritan, but we weren't put here to buy stuff and have fun, but to build the blessings of the Lord. 

Or maybe I'm just tired of people saying there is no way you can support more than two kids in a single-income household. meh.


personal_balance said...

Very seldom to i take the time to comment on blogs but i just have to say "Amen Sista." I mean seriously, why is it anyone elses business HOW you afford how ever many kids you have (1 or a million)? I mean sure i wonder how ya'll do it sometimes but that is only when we are in a situation like we are now and i am wondering how *we* are going to do it. And even then mine is more of a "if Melissa and Zane can do it, we can too!" type thought. And the people who think its not possible to afford 'so many children' definitely dont see them as blessings nor do they have faith in the Abundance that IS God. ~steps off the soapbox and hands it to the next person~

hahamommy said...

I prefer the question, "Can the world afford for you to be done having kids?" My, oh so humble human, opinion is No Freakin Way!! What the world needs MORE of is vast numbers of children who are welcomed and honored and loved for the blessings they *ARE.* You m'dear are the conduit to a multitude of blessings the rest of us cannot imagine. Thank You!

Alex Polikowsky said...

Amen Diana!