No baby update...

For those who were certain that he'd be here on the 24th, sorry! no baby!

I have been having energy surges, nesting like crazy. Got the masterbath retiled (okay, they are vinyl tiles, but I did it...no more yucky yellow linoleum) 
last of the yellow, before I did the special cuts around the toilet!
Our room is clean, the baby stuff is organized, and I can just pretend the rest of the house doesn't exist! Seriously, the kids and I super-dee-dooper cleaned yesterday, down to Josh alphabetizing the movies. Which oddly enough is important to me. Clean floor and organized movies.

A little sore in unmentionable places, and those light-headed contractions surges that my friend Fee call the oxygen-suckers..."Oh, hello, you weren't USING that oxygen in your brain while driving, where you?" So I'm guessing I'm staying close to home from now on. Except Josh acolytes on Sunday, we have dentist appointments on Wednesday and Girl scouts on Friday. And I. Do. Not. Skip. Scheduled. Events. Evah.

I took Bre to therapy while my contractions were less than ten minutes apart. Dropped her off at home with my mom, went, had a baby, came home. Excellent. I fully expect that I'll do the same here, because even with a grand multipara, I do not have precip births...give me hours. 

And I think I'm blathering into TMI. 


Sylvia said...

This is just because you told him he can't come yet. It sounds to me like he'd really like to get started. I'll be very surprised if you make it to next Saturday, or even the dentist appt next Weds....

Hope things are better for your Dad so you can be ready for the new babe soon!

Hilary said...

Good luck getting through next week without any surprise deliveries.

Melissa said...

LOL! Thanks guys.