Thrifty Thursday, mix it up!

This is a great website for making your own mixes. Not only does it have seasonings like taco mix, and soups like a basic white sauce, it also has biscuit mix. For us this is handy because we have so many allergies, and it's also great because we can make recipes more healthy by adding wheat flour in place of all white refined flours, use healthier oils, etc. 

We do once a week cooking anyway, kind of a spin-off from once a month cooking. We take Sunday, cook an entire package of ground beef, one of roast, and one case of chicken breast, store in one or two pound packages, and voila! Meat is cooked so *I* can spend time with kids, putting my feet up on a BPD (bad pregnancy day) and meals are much faster. While the meat is cooking, we can also chop onions and bell peppers for meals, other veggies for snacks and for meals, and sometimes dh will cook a ton (no, not metric) of pasta or rice to store in quart bowls to reheat for meals or add to casseroles. 

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