Baby widget says -3 days til my due date!

That makes me laugh, for some reason. Probably a good thing since I'm physically miserable. 

I am enjoying having this time to just Be with the kids, preparing mentally for having baby. There has been progress made...no contractions, really, but some cervical checks that definitely stop me in my tracks. Dilated to a 3/4, 90% effaced, and baby is definitely engaged. So, it's a matter of time. Duh lol! No one is pregno forever. Although everyone I know who is due in March has already had their baby...even people due WEEKS from now. sigh.


Sylvia said...

so you gotta be close, right?

I was never dilated to anything before full labor started, so I always envied those gals who would talk casually about being dilated days before they actually birthed.

The -3 is funny -- Dan, my youngest, was 6 days late -- after trying to come at 33 wks! THAT was a long 8 wks....

hahamommy said...

my cousin's due on the 21st and still preggers :) You're not the ONLY one! <3