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Nothing. Nope. Nada.

Just so's you know.



Sylvia said...

Are your babies usually later than their due dates?

Maybe he's waiting for St. Patrick's Day? Andy's favorite great-uncle, Nobu, was born on St. Patrick's. He died just after Christmas, 2007 and Andy still cries thinking about it. I know Andy'd be thrilled to hear a baby was born on Nobu's birthday!

Sandra Dodd said...

Best wishes to you all while you're waiting patiently. I'll look for photos!

Blessed Wife and Mom said...

I thought for sure yesterday was the day (due to your lack of blogging, lol)! I hope he decides to come soon. How big are your babies usually?

Melissa said...

Thanks from all of us to ya'll! I am down for the count today, while my pinched nerve resolves itself. Maybe that's why it's taking so long lol!

But Sylvia, yes, all my babies have been late, except Bre and Emily, who were chemically induced on their duedates. Josh was three weeks over, Rachel two weeks, Sam and Dan were eight days over, and Avari was two weeks. But I thought for sure that the early contractions would mean something!

And my birthday is St Patrick's Day as well, which is why my middle name is Dawn O'Peace (it's really a middle phrase, huh?)

Brandy, we usually do have big babies, Bre was our smallest at 7lbs (i think) 9oz, most of the others were above 9lbs, and Avari was just a smidge under 11lbs. So we'll see how big this guy is...honestly, I look huge!

Deborah in IL said...

:) Baby, come out!

Oh, you should find a copy of that book. It's utterly precious.


(Daddy finally persuades baby to come out by giving everyone kisses - baby wants one too.)