Granma and granpa came over last night to visit....he seemed to know them. lol
Really he is doing quite well. He has been nursing constantly, but with no milk it's a little frustrating for him lol! He reminds me a lot of Josh at that age, just big and hungry. He's lost 11oz since birth, but since he was so big, he had some extra to go really. We did give him a bottle to minimize the thrashing of my nips...he was grateful and fell asleep. Putting him in a good mood!
So when Avari came upstairs, it was time to share!
Hold him UP....
Eh....thirty seconds later, she's bored.
Don't we all just let the baby roll away when we're done? 
He was surprised, but hey, when you're used to knowing where the boundaries are,
and then they're just gone, that happens.
He was not in the mood for anyone else to hold him. Poor Dan.

Nathan LOVES baths. Really warm ones, which is funny because I was cold the entire pregnancy. And I took really much hotter showers than you're supposed to.
But HE falls asleep during baths. lol

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Karen A said...

WOW! He is BEAUTIFUL! And absolutely HUGE! He looks like he is 3 months old. Well, he was so overdue, maybe he really IS 3 months old. ;-)