So....what about that swine flu?

Seriously, I feel disconnected from here, I think because I don't get a lot of feedback. Add into the fact that I'm running circles trying to get back into the swing of things with the kids. I had some great blog ideas, and they're gone. 

The kids kind of surprised me by asking for some curriculum and asking to revisit the chorepack ideas. I think that comes from them WANTING to help, but me being overwhelmed. I tend to ask for a lot, or to keep asking for more, and this is a good way to say enough, or I did help, I did my share. It not only provides accountability for the helpers, but it's kind of a contract with them that I not go OCD on them and ask for than is reasonable. We saw Dr Mobley yesterday, and she had a suggestion that to increase that independence as well as the unwritten contract, to take a picture of the bare minimum for clean, and let that be good enough.

It's part of me being Melissa-healed. Not only do I tend to have sensory issues and OCD tendencies, but my childhood was full of very strict, rigid expectations, and LOTS of work. This is a step towards normalcy. Even worse is the unpredictability, part of which is from my mom. Sometimes the room is clean enough, and then when I'm feeling overwhelmed, or upset, or just sensory overloaded, I can come in and it's NOT good enough. That's not fair to have such nonstandard expectations. 

Like Mommy dearest..."Look at this mess! Two pieces of paper and a DOLL?! You'll clean it up NOW!"


personal_balance said...

Sorry you feel disconnected from blogger and you arent getting a lot of feedback. Like you commented on my blog, i keep looking for the quick "like this" choice. LOL
I think the chore packs and Mobley's idea are GREAT! And it should go pretty smoothly since the kids are asking for it instead of you saying "you are going to do this and like it!"

Zane W. Gray said...

Swine flu doesn't bother me as long as they don't ban lean crispy bacon... mmmmmm... bacon... from the stores.

Seriously though, you do know your limits, and you do know when you've reached them. You just need to let those around you (especially me!) know when you need to step away from it all and take a life break (go for a walk, read a book, watch a movie, or whatever).

We DO support you (even when we work against you),
-DH (and evil minions)

Sylvia said...

I know what you mean, Melissa. Sometimes I'm just fine with the usual level of clutter. Other times -- and I cannot figure out why -- I simply can't. stand. it. another. minute. And I wonder around muttering (okay, sometimes yelling) "Am I really the only one who can find the dishwasher, or waste basket, or who wonders what the floor actually looks like?"

I love the idea of posting bare minimum pix - I may try that myself!