Cinco De Mayo

Our inspiration cake....
And our cake (teeny tiny picture huh?)

What the girls told me...

It's NOT the Mexican independence day, which was what *I* was taught in school.
Independence day was Sept 16th, 1810 (which emily just told me off the top of her head)
It's the memorial of the battle in 1862 (which she totally just told me too. I can't remember dates like that, i can hardly remember their birthdays)
Avari says that it is for Mexico. And she'll Cinco tomorrow.


hahamommy said...

It's biggest in the United States, Los Angeles and NYC topping the party participant numbers! In Mexico, it's only celebrated in Pueblo,where it's a holiday, but not like ours!

Melissa said...

You get a piece of our sombrero cake...virtual of course. I'll eat it for you ;-)