Monday Morning Ponderisms, Finding Nemo edition

Yelling at Dory "You think you can do these things but you can't, Nemo! "

Dory to Marlin "That's a funny thing to promise. If nothing ever happens to him, then nothing will ever happen to him"

Shark to Marlin "Humans. Think they own everything. Probably American!"

Dory to Marlin "Yes, trust. It's what friends do"

Marlin to Nemo "Now go have an adventure!"


Sylvia said...

we watched Nemo this weekend too.

my favorite conversation ---

DORY: He says it's time to let go! Everything's gonna be all right!
MARLIN: How do you know!? How do you know something bad isn't gonna happen!?
DORY: I don't!

It's taken me most of my 46 years to figure this one out!

Melissa said...

YES! I love that too, and I almost added it, but got lazy (no, i let go!)