Scandinavian Picnic today...

The annual picnic sponsored by the Scandinavian club, Sons of Norway and our friendly local foreign autoshop ;-)  We go every year, but not regularly to the meetings. Once we say we belong to Bob (my dad) everyone remembers us. Pretty big crowd, lots of fun. Last year we played a game in which you throw metal ingots, this year it was a May pole.
Speaker, president and sponsor....prayer was in Norwegian.
Not a lot of Swedes, so we have to represent!
Dad usually takes most of the pictures
We usually get comments on how very Scandinavian we look. 
This year there were more young kids, outside of our family. 
You can see the pinwheels dad made, with flags from each Scandinavian country.
One of my favorite Swedes...my dear Aunt Debbie (doesn't everyone have an aunt Debbie?)


Sylvia said...

Looks like fun, and I love that your Dad (I hope that's your Dad) has a ponytail. Just yesterday, the grands asked again if the boys will get a haircut before our visit. I am so tired of explaining over and over that it's their hair.... I wish the boys' grandpa had long hair.

Melissa said...

yep, that's my dad. You know, he was raised in the fifty's and was forced to have a buzz cut until he was maybe 14? Then he could have a crew cut. Once he was out of the house, he grew it out and will not cut it for any reason. When my grandfather died, I believe he cut off half of it out of respect for the older generation. He also will not wear shirts with striped for the same reason, forced to wear it forever.

He is pretty cool about what hair cuts kids have, but he will whip out a comb pretty dang fast...