Fourth of July, Fireworks at friend's house

Tried to get there early to play...Dan always winds up in this chair, relaxed and at home when we're here. LOL...
Yep, we let the kids do fireworks, under the supervision of responsible adults.
The rest of us were inside drinking :-P
Fireworks stored in the garage, good thing too
As it was raining off and on, downright pouring at times.
The kids got to play in the rain AND blow stuff up
Did you know that they make little roman candles?
They don't kick as hard, and don't shoot as far.
Not fun for the teens, but awesome for younger kids!
(and wimpy moms who jump and squeal when the candle shoots off)
If you think ONE sparkler is cool, you should see five of them!
Sam has such a good time, every year
Big 'un, from Josh
Rachel in the sparkley light
Big bang...
The rain *did* make it hard to light wicks
but they did it!
and over....

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