Monday Morning Ponderisms, Confidence edition

from The Art of Confident Living, by Bryan Robinson

"One reason Self-led people can remain calm and clear in the face of anger is because they trust that no matter what the offended person claims happened, it doesn't mean they are bad or are going to be permanently harmed. We are defensive not because someone is attacking us, but because the attack is likely to provoke our inner self-critics, who in turn trigger the worthlessness and terror we accumulated as children" Richard Schwartz

"By freeing myself from the illusion (of a mental prison), I learned to live from the inside out, to make free choices, and to see that I could take responsibility for my life conditions." Bryan Robinson

"If your life is not the way you'd like it to be, you can change it by realizing that you have choices, even in situations where you think you don't..." Bryan Robinson

"Empathy neutralizes the disharmonious parts of us." Bryan Robinson

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