Busy week, sum up

Sunday was an Eagle court of honor, lovely to see.

Monday was yardwork, laundry and date night with my hubby.

Tuesday was housework, and field trips.

Wednesday was a psych appointment, and date night with Sam.

Thursday was getting Josh lined up with his interests, getting all the scouts signed up for their various workshops and camping, lost my debit card while shopping, found it at home, drove back and forth across town, had screamin kids who were just pissed at the world, and a migraine coming on. Plus 200 cookies to make. :-P

Friday was shopping for groceries, our annual not-back-to-school party, and potluck. A beer and white chili solved all my problems, and now we're watching the good Doctor while the kids pilfer various websites and DVDs. Movie Club is next! Woohoo!

Tomorrow, girl scouts and pizza party.

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