New roof, and shots around the yard...

Here's our new roof...all black.
Actually looks really cool with the old paint
and makes me rethink the slate color I was considering

And Josh mowed the lawn, so I wanted a pic while it looked nice(r)
Saw Sam, wanted a picture...

He headed over for a chat!
He always has something good to say!


Kermit Lukacs said...

That black roof looks great! It also looks quite cool with the light color of the walls. What is the color of the slate that you were considering at the time? And, how long did it take for your old roof to be replaced with a new one?

- Kermit Lukacs

Rodney Orton said...

The color of your roof gave your house a fresh look. It blended well with the rest of the exterior; likewise with your luscious green lawn. Did you hire an expert to do the job or was it the members of your family who worked on it?

Rodney Orton

Ruben Pratt said...

It's been ages and I wonder if you maintained the perfect look of your roof. An annual inspection can help you avoid great damages in your roof. How are you now? Did you make any renovations to your exteriors? Hope you can direct me to a recent post about it. Thanks!

Ruben Pratt @ ARRoofing.com