Our newest hobby, courtesy of the girl scout leader, has been geocaching. With the iPhone, you can download the app and have the GPS built in, so it's been really awesome to get out with the kids for a few hours and look around our area.
The warning that pops up on my iPhone is that geocaching is a dangerous sport.
Yes, especially with snakes and poison ivy.
Personally I prefer snakes.
There's a cache under there. We did NOT tag it.
At NE Lions park...a great park anyway
hidden park we never even KNEW about...awesome trail and pond
behind the wal-greens in an empty field (see, they're closer than you'd ever guess)
Out at the lake, on Labor day...
we even gathered trash and carried it out.
We're all about Leave No Trace
Missing the gorgeous weather today...
we woke up with sun, and it disappeared.

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