Preparing for the CROP walk

with the kids' chalk art contest. The plan? Design a sidewalk square's worth of art, in sidewalk chalk with the theme of Stopping Hunger
Got there early, so we toured the downtown area. Small but cute, with lots of fun stores.
Lil bit of music, by a couple that usually we see at the Medieval Faire
Ava, pensive
With a brother, whom she usually adores.
And who usually adores her. But he likes dirt more.
Dan. The. Man. Exciting doesn't begin to cover it.
Rachel's extra art...
Ava's art...all by herself! She wore her beanie and her angst like any other teen
aren't they CUTE???! Nathan does sorta look like Garth, from Wayne's World
Sam and Dan worked together, in honor of 'talk like a pirate day' in their pirate themed artwork. Dan got traced to be a pirate (holding a flag and a turkey leg)
His flag had a skull, instead of crossbones, a fork and knife in the background.
and Sam drew a pirate chest with all his favorite foods to share.
The picture says "Why would a pirate walk? Because no one should go hungry"
Here is the one the girls did, Emily and Rachel and Elizabeth. I was really surprised at how beautiful it was...I don't know why, they work so well together, and have such skill.
Not to mention that they practiced the picture at home

train depot, before we got 'in trouble' for being on the platform.


Melissa said...

It looks like an eventful day~! I love the idea of the sidewalk chalk for the hungry... I loved all of the pictures~!

Jamie said...

What great pics Melissa. The kids look like they had a good time for a wonderful cause.