Shreveport SciPort

Bed of nails was popular...
as was the bathroom you could plumb yourself...air was blowing through
you could tell if you plumbed properly
Who needs a math lesson?
Sam learned a ton from this oversized protractor
and this massive compass
Bre loved the space room, there were glow in the dark constellations all around
as well as phases of the moon, the chair rotated to see them all
Dan is learning to navigate by the stars...
as well as the parts of a sailboat
The first step in designing your own paper airplane
Bre and I enjoyed the Louisiana exhibit, esp the river bottom
Nathan was just annoyed that he couldn't dig in as well
And right as you walk in...giant floor piano
Emily shouted "Just like the one on Big!"
And the kids first taste of alligator.
They all liked it, what can i say?

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