National Blog Post, All Souls edition

The Christian holiday of All Soul's Day pays respect and remembers the souls of all friends and loved ones who have died and gone to heaven. It's not about worshiping ancestors, or becoming morbid about our beloved, and in fact can be a joyful time to remember the wonderful gifts and memories we received from those who have passed.

I am so thankful for everyone in my life, and that includes my friends and family who are no longer living. Most importantly for me, are my four little angel babies. Each one has a special place in my heart, and as my friend Diana said, my heart isn't broken, it's just stretched a bit. The memory of holding each of them in my hands is hard, but infinitely precious. I miss my grandma and grandpa, and the grandmother I never really knew. I miss my mother-in-law, and father-in-law, and wish I had another day to just ask advice. I wonder each day at who my sister-in-law would be if she had gotten older than 18.

Prayer for the day
Everlasting Lord God, you hold all souls in life, we pray you to pour forth on your whole Church the bright beams of your light and heavenly comfort, that we following the steps of those who have loved and served you here on earth and are now at rest, may at the end go in with them to your full joy that has no end,
John Wallace Gray
Abigail Renea Gray
Matthew Isaiah Gray
Asher Jericho Gray
Dorothy Pauline
Robert Otto
Louise Acher
Delia Marie
Zane Wallace
Natacia Maria
Richard Allen
Gerry Peel

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