National Blog Post, manic monday edition

Sometimes, at the end of the day, all we can say is that we're thankful to have made it to the end. With no homicides or maimings. Today was a brutal day, and I think it is in part due to some postpartum depression and in part due to an utter loss of control in the house. The shelves in the fridge are all cracked because kids climb them to get snacks (never mind that there are no snacks on the top shelf and there are stools just three feet away). The cabinets have food spilled all over them. The floor was so dirty in 24 hours that I had to sweep and mop twice each to get them clean. And some toddler spilled purell all over a baby. There was a scout meeting that I didn't know about until five minutes of start. We needed craft supplies for a girl meeting Friday. We have a ton of pillows to finish for HUGS before Wednesday. And my sanctuary/bedroom has been violated again. :-(

But, we made it. And tomorrow is another day to be reinvented. We just have to have the courage to let go of today, and to be open to what is planned for us. Wish me luck!

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