Christmas Prep...

Some of the things leading up to our wonderful holidays...
Christmas parade with the boys scouts.
Sam, Emily and Rachel made the bell tower on the float (that alone took some time lol)

We added Children's Choir practice to our weekly activities
The kids sounded beautiful when they sang

We spent some time helping the HUGS project.
We didn't spend as much time there this year, as Breanna was having such a hard time with life this year
Add a new baby and I just couldn't do it. Emily and Rachel were able to volunteer when their scout leader was up there, and the rest of us spent a few hours.

Emily and Rachel earned a few patches at the Sam Noble museum
Here they are learning about oil spills and how they are cleaned up
(and how difficult they are to clean up!)

Dan and Ava spent a great deal of time playing with clay

Here Emily and Rachel play with dreidels while the little ones and I read a book about Hannukah

We visited the OKC Museum of Art
(and yep, one of those girls does not belong with me, we borrowed her for the day!)

Helped prep for the Christmas day community dinner

Decorating trees is fun, the girls had a good time making paper chains

There are probably dozens more that I could have posted, but lets move on, shall we? LOL

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