Ava awesomeness...

I love this outfit, her brother's OU jersey, a pair of brown tights with flowers, black tap shoes, dirty pink caot that goes everywhere, and a scout buddy hat. Add in her doll and a slushy, and she's good to go!

I just love this picture of her at the train station in OKC. You can't see the cowgirl boots though.

Painting calls for the nicest dress up dress you have, didn't you know that?

And at the end of January, she's rocking the candy cane tights, with her caterpillar shirt and
the hat she bought at Super Cao Nguyen.

I love that she is her own person, and I hope that I can honor that as she deserves. We were watching Aladdin the other day and she turned to her brother and and repeated what Jasmine said as she warned Aladdin "I am NOT a prize to be won!"


Christina said...

I am amazed its been soo long since I have seen you! Ava was just a babe back then. Just in shock its been that long and shes all big! Then I remember.. I had a lil guy then....and hes 7 lol.

Melissa said...

Hi Christina...from HOM right? I have the worst memory evah! Thanks for posting, now I can go read your blog!

Christina said...

Yep from HOM- Of course we stopped HS for a lil while and we are back at it! Are you still in the same place? Bre has gotten sooo much older! Wow! As I go through the blog Im going WOW!!! But have to keep reminding myself.. Its been many years. Last time I SAW you was the garage sale..Bre was selling us drinks :)