Chinese New Year

Howdy! We've been busy these past few days. Dan, Sam, Emily, Rachel and Josh joined FYI for the fieldtrip to the OBI, while Ava, Bre and Nathan joined me at Super Cao. We're trying to get ready for Rachel's bday, which she has dubbed the Chinese New Year birthday.

So now we have paper lanterns strung across the dining room, some paper fish as well. The three big girls cut and folded and pasted some take out boxes with bright vibrant colors, and we have chopsticks and fans as gifts for our guests. We'll be practicing some origami as an activity, so that should be fun.

Nathan hasn't been sleeping well at all, which means Zane and I haven't been sleeping. Zane copes better than I do, either that or he fakes it better than I do, as he goes to work, comes home and picks up my slack. I'm barely making it through the days. Emotionally short circuiting, tired and crabby, barely able to get off my arse. sigh. I have managed to keep up with laundry all week, even washing through the girls sheets. With any luck we'll wash the boys sheets on Monday. It's not the washing of the sheets that drains me really, it's the unmaking and remaking of the beds. haha!

Well, back to business! I have half a zombie to crochet for Rachel, it's what she wanted for her birthday. With any luck I'll be able to make some more over the next week or so and we can have a zombie hoard. The pattern I have doesn't call for arms or legs, but I might try to get some of those made. Then I'd like to knit some robots for Nathan's birthday. I bought his party stuff nine months ago LOL! It's all outerspace and robot things, even sheets for a twin sized bed.

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