Tuesday Tour

Again with the Tuesday Tour. A blog I read does this, and I just think it's a nice idea...so. On with the tour! If you visit my blog often, you'll realize I'm recycling a post lol! We'll tour my kitchen this week, because 1) I already have pictures online and 2) It's much cleaner than the TV room. lol

You'll note that we don't have cabinet doors. We took them off seven years ago to strip and paint, and it has not yet happened. Now I kind of like it, it forces me to keep the cabinets tidy, it makes it easier to cook and clean, and when we have parties, I can say "Help yourself!" and people can do that. There are cabinets over the sink, and they're childproofed to keep kids out. There are plastic bags and dishwasher soap and the shark steamer under there.

This is our kitchen. we're working on new colors, and soon we'll rip out the tile and put in the wood that's in the dining room. For now, just accept it as it is lol! 
The island with all my tupperware stored inside. There used to be cabinets above the island, on Saturday morning I ripped those suckers out. Now we have a handy pot rack and light. Added bonus is that I can see into the dining room while I'm in the kitchen.
The right cabinets, top and bottom, are gluten free.
Then the stove and the corn free cabinets.
Turning the corner is regular baking stuff, dishwasher, sink.

First step...west wall. On the left of the microwave box you see our gluten-free pantry. Those bins contain guaranteed GF snacks, cereals and noodles. We have our own peanut butter, even. There's our homemade flour mix on the bottom right, I keep mixed up so I'm not tempted to buy some crappy $6 premix that has half as much as a normal cake...I mean bread, mix. :D
The red baskets have corn free but not gluten free breads. We have four kids who are gluten free (and myself) and four kids (and Zane) who are not. Since normal food is cheaper, we have not gone completely gluten free. The bottom of the shelf has corn free snacks, that might also have gluten. 
If you turn the corner, the next cabinet has spices on top and in the middle, and then flour, sugar, crisco, olive oil on the bottom. Drawers have utensils, cookie cutters, rolls of parchment, foil, etc.
The double wide cabinets have baking on the top, powdered sugar, cocoa, brown sugar, coconut, etc.
Middle shelf has more baking, powder, soda, molasses, vanilla. The basket has chips though :D
Bottom shelf has essentials like rice, beans, oats. We buy those in 50lb bags, which are stored in the garage for the most part, and used to refill these Tupperware bins.
Boring, sink full of dishes, then cabinets full of dishes. Nice window so I can see my neighbors going to the park while I'm stuck washing. Bottom cabinets look like crap. The liner was peeling, so I tried to pull it out. Of course, then it wouldn't come out. We keep cake pans and cake takers down there. There are also some steel water bottles we use for hiking/geocaching. On the cabinet itself you see Josh's coffee maker, and Emily's blender. 
East wall. Plastic dishes (which we use mostly because none of us are very graceful) Down below are paper products for potluck night and birthday parties. On the cabinet is our lemonade igloo, we pretty much keep it filled with two or three gallons of lemonade at a time. The kids alternate between homemade lemonade and water. On the right, boring fridge, with housecleaning stuff above. We mostly use vinegar and oils to clean with, but you'll see some comet too. 
In the middle is what we call the microwave box. It has a baking oven, above that is the hole where, when we moved in, was a microwave that was seriously older than the house. When it died, we thankfully put one in over the stove, and now this is a handy storage place for cups, cookbooks and a toaster of death (for those of us who are GF) Above is alcohol and my big stockpot. 
That's the kitchen. Let me know if you have any questions!!

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Zane W. Gray said...

Makes me hungry just knowing that there is rice in the silver pot, and broccoli/chicken/soy sauce in the red pot.

The kitchen looks amazing. Can't wait to get a deeper sink and new countertops.