painting the kitchen

Since we don't have cabinet doors, I FINALLY took everything out and painted the insides. 
It was a yellow cream, but lightened up as it dried.

And yep, as of this second, my kitchen STILL looks like this.
Great news is that Nathan is finding all kinds of yummy snacks.
I was going to paint the wood between the soffit and the cabinets yellow as well, but when I started it, i didn't really like it. Now I'm thinking I should paint the soffit, but I don't know what color. The dining room is a pretty warm yellow, and our contrast color has been a cabernet, but I think i'm over that. And I certainly don't want to paint a red on the walls at this point. That's a lot to cover if I don't like it later. 
Ignore the tile, because eventually we'll rip that up, and put down a pine floor to match the dining room. 

What do you think?


Zane W. Gray said...

I'm seeing a light tan for the soffit, but I like earth tones (hence my thoughts to get a forest green colored counter top... is that still slate?)


Melissa said...

You can get green slate...I don't know how that fits into the scheme of things...we'll have to have another date at Lowe's.