Tuesday Tour

Goofy I know. Someone I don't particularly like has one on her blog, and it's a fun idea, so here goes. I'm starting with the room we use the most, the play room. We sometimes call it the learning room, but hey, playing IS learning, so we're covered either way.

Here's the room, as much as I can get in one shot. It's pretty big, 40'x20', half the length of the house.
It's also partly underground, which is why the windows are so high. It's bright green because I saw this paint in the returned bin at Lowes and I fell in love with it. So much so that I went back and color matched it to do the other side of the basement. The guy asked me if I was sure!

The first table you see in the picture on your left is the girls craft table. The picture below is their bookshelf. The top is Emily's, then spare books that I've picked up at sales, Rachel, then two shelves of more books that I picked up JIC. Actually, there are about 350 easy readers on the bottom two shelves, half of which came from my friend Kathy. They are the awesomest, there is a wide variety of subjects, from snowflakes to Africa. 
Next are the craft supply shelves. More books on the bottom, there's no shortage in the house. I reading, so my M.O. is to find a wide variety encourage everyone to read to their content. Moving up on the left are extra spiral notebooks (can never have too many), loops for finger knitting, a bin of feathers, bubble machine, marble works, and large craft bins full of messy stuff. Which is why it's high! On the right, paper sorted by color, beside assorted sheets of foam, sponge paper, shrinky dink, etc. Above that are more shelves with markers, pencils, pins, map pencils, scissors, glue, rulers, crayons. The green sorter is from my mom and dad, it came with each drawer holding a different size/style of bead, pin, wire, google eyes, button, pompom, you name it. On the top, you can hardly see the bins for playmobile.
They aren't big in our house right now, but they come out every once in a while.
On the other side of my hobbit door (that I cut out myself with a sawzall), more bookshelves. Top has my books, next shelf has Dan's stuff on the left, a phonics set in the middle, and Sam's on the right. Avari has her own shelf next, because she LOVES workbooks and notebooks and crafty stuff. On the bottom are magazines and comic books..ahem, GRAPHIC NOVELS. We love Speeding Bullet.
Sam's table. You'll note the hotwheels bin on the left. I glued the metal sheet on the wall myself, it was $10 from Lowes, and the kids use it to play with magnets...we have sheets so they can make their own.

One of the Mac Minis
Ava's table on the left (yes, with even MORE supplies. It's her office). Dan's table on the right. You'll note it's clean lol!
On the other side of the white shelf that Zane built. This is what we affectionately call the baby side. Bins of toys, lets see, I think it's duplo lego on tope, zoobs, plastic dollhouse stuff, then wooden trains, dinosaurs, and lincoln logs. The blue bin has Barbies, and the doll house is self explanatory. You can almost see the green bin of blocks lol
Dress up stuff hanging on the wall, although it's blocked by the skate ramps that the kids brought in from the snow. Pink bin has more clothes, blue bin has weapons and wands, and the pirate chest has gold coins, paper money, and all kinds of jewels.
Blue Ikea magazine rack that doubles as a climbing toy/fire escape. I'm not paranoid or anything. White shelf IS bolted to the wall, no worries. Stuffies, books, puzzles, musical instruments...also where I was standing to take the first picture of the room.
Last but not least, the kitchen/baby area. They were playing here before I got the shot lol!
Next week we'll do the TV room....

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