Tuesday Tour

TV Room edition!

This is from the east wall, you can see the entry door (this used to be the back porch, now it's enclosed and they put a retaining wall around that (it's a mystery) You can see our L desk, courtesy of the Blazeks, with some reference books in the shelf. Spiral staircase goes to the back deck, and the wood toybox in the back of that, is 34 years old, my dad made it for me. It has puzzles on the shelves and blankets inside the bottom.

The other side of the desk...the left drawers have our Nintendo DSs, and the basket is actually fabric for the kids. I sometimes move my sewing machine downstairs for them to use, but they usually use the hot glue gun and stapler to make things. The right hand drawer has more fabric and some patterns.
To the right of the toy box is our hobbit hole door to the learning room. Dh originally built the wall because I wanted to different rooms out of this gigantic space. I then wanted to be able to see what the kids were doing back and forth, so I took a saw to the wall. LOL! Anyway, movies on top, and lego table on the bottom. 
Moving around counter-clockwise, board games, movies and video games. Dh built the shelves for me.
Our refurbished TV
I just like this wall because of the afternoon light. But you can see the four foot beanbag that the girls made dh for his birthday
And back to the beginning. Futon couch with removable cover (the only way I would buy white furniture)

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