On to the dentist...

A few months ago, our dentist said with surety that Breanna needed braces. We're not big on cosmetic reasons, but she has an impacted tooth, and the others are cracking from being too tight. So, the one kid I cannot reason with, is the one who gets a mouth-full of hardware.

The first appointment went really well, but it was just a consultation. She really loves the orthodontist, he knows her favorite music. We made appointments, one a week, to get settled into it. The first appointment was making impressions, which her very sensitive sensory issues did NOT do well with! However, they used the impressions to set up her brackets so that they just slide the brackets on and use the UV gun to harden the glue. The next week, it only took about 20 minutes to do the brackets and the wires.

(sorry about the bad pic, my camera is broken, so all pictures are via camera phone!)

Unfortunately, the girl is insane. Within half an hour of getting home, she ripped all the brackets off the top row! We had to make an emergency appointment and spent over an hour getting the brackets glued back on, one at a time. Fortunately, she left them alone after that, and has done a great job for three weeks. She's really good about asking to have her teeth cleaned, or for wax to cover the wires.

Last week, new impressions, because not only does she need braces, but she'll need a palate expander for at least 12 months. We'll see how it goes. She was to have it put on yesterday, but today is her day for surgery, and the orthodontist decided to wait a few weeks to let her heal.

So today is surgery. I'm a little nervous. We're not big on medical interventions of any kind, even painkillers, so the idea of general anesthesia makes me wiggy. The idea of BRE on GA makes me even more wiggy. Long story short, wish us luck. Not sure how she'll do, but I'm hoping that she'll sleep a lot (her usual response to pain or sickness)


Zane W. Gray said...

She's a trooper (and so is her mom). Lots of ice cream, mashed potatoes, and soup broths in the near future for her!

hahamommy said...

((((((((((((hugs to you both))))))))))))