Was gonna post, but...

blogger wouldn't let me in. Now I've lost my incentive again. boo!

Everything is okay here, really. I'm tired and sick to my stomach, but hey, pregnancy does that to a person. Weird to think I'm 13 weeks. Did the ultrasound, kids are much amused at our alien baby. Due in December...(NO! another birthday by Christmas????) We need to stop celebrating my birthday in such a hearty manner. Most people want a girl. How funny? I'd like a baby, of course, but a boy would be cool for Nathan to buddy up with.

Bre gets her palate expander Thursday. Should go well. She was feeling better, but stupid Sonic gave her a regular Dr Pepper, instead of Diet, and the corn syrup triggered her allergies pretty bad. Eyes dilated, shaky, unable to verbalize, irrational. I'm so angry, when I ordered we already had issues (should have driven away then, but she'd freak about missing her popcorn chicken lol) That usually takes 48 hours to recover, even with B12. So we're cutting it close there.

wish me luck!

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